Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's a Crewel, Crewel World

Back in June, I stopped by Crafty Planet in Minneapolis, MN and found a crewel embroidery kit made by Wool & Hoop.  It was called "Love Loops" and the kit featured a way to make a greeting card, which I thought was really nifty.  But I had no embroidery skills under my belt.  I have lots of projects in mind and I've purchased a few of those Sublime Stitching packets, but have never really been motivated to actually sit down and embroider something.   However, when I turned the Wool & Hoop kit over, I discovered that the company is based out of Marfa, TX.  Marfa!  I was there for a wedding about a year ago this month.  Hmmmm... first year anniversary... paper... card...  Sounds like a good idea to commemorate the wedding with a kit from the actual wedding site!   So I picked up the kit and it sat on the shelf since June, until this past Sunday, when I realized that the actual anniversary was coming up over the Columbus Day weekend.  Uh oh!  So I got started and you can see the results of my hand stitching above.  I forgot to take a picture of the finished card, because I was so excited to have it done and ready to send off.  Instead, you can check out the examples at the Wool & Hoop site to get an idea of what it looked like.

I had a lot of fun doing this little bit of embroidery.  The kit only called for two stitches:  the satin stitch and the split stitch, but I know there are a lot of different little techniques out there.  And as it turns out, just looking at the satin stitch directions (yes, now, after completing the project!), I have noticed that I did it completely wrong!  Oh well, we all know my problem with following sewing pattern directions, so why should this surprise us?  Anyway, this is why I have signed up to take a three-part embroidery class.  They'll teach me all the stitches and I'll be more inspired to finish all these hand sewage projects I have waiting in the wings.


Daima said...

Oooh! Embroidery class? Where?!? I would be very interested in learning some uhm, actual stitches and not just me faking it stitches... I hope to make a daisy border on my skirt with embroidery... ^_^

Rachel Eloise said...

The class starts this Friday at The Crafter's Studio and if you want to sign up, here is a $10 discount coupon good for the embroidery class or any other class through 10/31...CODE: 010311109 You just need to hit recalulate after putting in the code to get the discount.