Monday, November 23, 2009

You're Never Too Old For Barbies!

Ever since I was a little girl, making Barbie clothes out of my brother's socks from the mending basket, I have been fascinated by Barbie clothes. The years passed and Barbie was put away, but when I was nineteen I got sick and was out of commission for a bit. I had two young nieces and decided to start making clothes for their Barbies.  When I had two girls of my own, I continued to make additions to their Barbie wardrobes. To the right, is a dress I made about 35 years ago. I used a fabulous  metallic gold shag fabric, which over the years and after many hours of play by my daughters, has become a bit ragged.

Now that the kids are grown and out of the house, boredom has brought me back to my first love: Barbie. Now that little fingers can't destroy my handiwork, I can make fancy evening dresses with tiny embellishments. Too bad my eyes have not kept up with my desire to do the fine sewing so deserving of Barbie.

I love to search the remnant piles of fabric stores. I choose fabrics that have glitz and glimmer or fine detailed feminine prints. Another fun thing I like to do is layer one color over a another to make a unique creation. Enjoy the fashion show!

First up, we have Merrie Olde Barbie:

This dress always makes me think of Little Women or a Dickens novel.  I love the fur cuffs and collar.  She is only missing a fur hat!

Next up, we have Mermaid's Ball Gown.  The shimmery fabric is reminiscent of peacocks, but I always think of this when I imagine a mermaid crawling out of the sea and attending a fancy dress ball.

And let's not forget the Winter Fantasy dress.  The flecks of silver in the deep purple velvet have Barbie waltzing at midnight among the snowflakes.

Next, we want to wish Barbie a Happy Valentine's Day in this red lame and black tulle vision.

And finally, Evening in a Rose Garden, displays purple lace over teal satin with a row of roses along the back seam.  Barbie is definitely ready for a  night of stolen kisses with Prince Charming in a moonlit garden.

I hope you enjoyed this fashion show as much as we have.  Don't be afraid to let your inner child loose when sewing!


Rachel Eloise said...

Hey! That's my old barbie dress!! I love that thing! I have both silver and black pieces of that vintage fabric. Great stuff.

Lizzy said...

Ohh! I STILL love barbies!! and I also loved to "sew" them clothes, but till now I have sewed some for my daughter's barbies'
Lovely dresses!