Monday, September 6, 2010

Reversible Japan

Prior to going on my ten day trip to Japan, I made a reversible skirt from Betz White's Sewing Green with the idea that two-skirts-in-one equalled less packing.  While that was true, it was also devastatingly hot and humid in Japan and this double layered skirt was maybe not the smartest thing to pack.  In addition, the humidity caused some major thigh chafage on that first day and I had to go out and buy some leggings to wear under all my skirts for the rest of the trip.  I was basically walking around with about two to three layers of fabric on my bottom half for the entire time in Japan.  Yikes!

Anyway,  I think Betz White makes her skirt with a vintage tablecloth in the book.  I chose to use a piece of fabric that a friend gave me last summer.  I had just enough of the fabric to cut out the required seven panels for the skirt.  Here is the first side of the skirt at Osore-zan, or Mount Dread, the third most sacred spot in Japan.
And for the reverse, I chose a piece of muslin that I had in my sewing cabinet.  I was afraid that a white cotton would be too thin and the other side would show through too much.  I also embellished the plain side with some Steam-a-Seam flowers from the print fabric.  I didn't have enough to go all around the hem, so I just did the first panel or so in the front.  Here is the reverse at two different hilside shrines in Kamakura:
As for the pattern, it was pretty good, with the exception of the length of ribbon needed for the waistband.  I needed an extra yard to feel comfortable tying the skirt at the waist.  I'm not a huge fan of reversible skirts (mostly because they never stay shut and the waistband always feels weird), but I like this skirt.  I'm glad I finally got to use that fabulous floral fabric!  Thanks again, Sookie!


Betz White said...

Super cute! I'm glad you enjoyed the pattern. I'd love it if you'd add a photo of it to the Sewing Green Flickr group!

Gail said...

Fantastic idea and very well made. I don't know if you have kids at the sticky fingers age, but I reckon all white skirts should be reversible!

Melonie said...

Love it! Fantastic pictures too!