Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ho Hum...Hems

We've been living in our new place for about six months and have only put up one set of curtains.  Instead, we have been living with all of our bits hanging out for the neighborhood to view.  A few months ago we went to Ikea and picked up five packages of Alvine Rund, a lovely sheer-ish curtain for our sunroom.  Five packages, you ask?  Yes, our sunroom has ten windows...hence the name sunroom.  
One dilemma to the bank of windows was something like over 150" long, so I had trouble finding the right kind of curtain rod.  I went with another Ikea product, some extend-o wire thing and clips to attach the curtains.  After purchasing all of the correct bits and pieces it would be another three months before anything went up.

Another dilemma...a long-ass radiator below another bank of windows.  That meant that I had to hem all of the curtain panels from 98" to 66".  Oh, what fun.  I first went all professional, weighted the one end of the curtain panel down (with heavy dog toys, but there's no photographic evidence, so maybe that actually didn't happen), marked everything, and then used all my handy-dandy tools to cut nice straight lines, but that took forever.  On the third panel, I said screw it and went with a true Sewer Slut-inspired method:
Clipping the top of the panel to a stripey rug.  Measuring out 69" (enough for a little hem) and deciding that the stripe at about 70" was close enough.  And then cutting along the stripe for the entire width of the curtain:
Phew.  I ended up only using seven of the ten curtain panels, which means I have three more panels to stick on some of the other bare windows in the house.  No rods though, which means I have to go measure (blah) and then go shopping (double blah).  I also have a pile of Alvine Rund remnants, so maybe I can figure out something to do with them.

Anyway, here are the end results for the sunroom...starting with a view through the doors:
And check out that vintage yellow pillow.  My mom picked it up at a yard sale and I fell in love with it when she gave it to me.  Here are two little close ups:


Melonie said...

Lookin' great Girly! I LOVE your green chairs!!! Fab:)

Barbarian Librarian said...

lovely! i'm jealous of your windows!