Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ahoy! Pirate Apron Swap!

Argh! Be ye interested in some sewn treasure? Sewer Sluts is hosting a Pirate Apron Swap.

Treasure Map Key: You will create a pirate-themed apron for a partner and someone else will create an apron for you. Full partner assignments will be known only to the Sewer Slut Hostess. You will be given the name and address and other relevant details about the person for whom you are making the apron, but you will not know who is making the apron for you until they send it.

Walk the plank: Sign up by Friday, 7/10/09 and receive your partner assignment no later than Monday, 7/13/09.

Collect your booty: Packages must be sent to your apron partners between 8/25/09 and 9/5/09 (in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day on 9/19). Please make sure to use a tracking method for your package -- we wouldn't want your treasure to actually become buried among other postal packages! Also, please include a note to your partner revealing your identity and a recipe for some good old-fashioned pirate GRUB. When you receive your apron, please send a thank you note to your partner. Nothing rankles more than an unacknowledged gift!

If for some reason you are unable to complete your responsibilities as a Sewer Slut Swapper, please contact the Hostess (

Don't forget to share pictures of your apron for others to see! You may either e-mail them to the Hostess or you may post on this blog.

This swap is by Invitation Only.


Rachel Eloise said...

Be ye interested in some female pirate lore? Turn ye wicked eyes to this site for three tales of wicked, swashbuckling lasses!

robert marone said...

Great blog.. love to see more!