Sunday, June 21, 2009

Raw Sewage: Pillows

I found this Bluebird on Velvet vintage masterpiece at a yard sale last summer in Soquel, Ca and fell in love with it. I thought it would make a great pillow with the right kind of fabric for the reverse. Unfortunately, due to other projects or perhaps just laziness, I put this on the back burner. And after a recent visit to St. Paul and Minneapolis, where I decided to hit as many vintage clothing and furniture stores as I could in one weekend, I am glad that I waited! At Swank Retro, a fantastic two-level furniture store in St. Paul, I found Bluebird's mate. After however many years apart, they have finally been reunited.

Please meet Peacock! I was thrilled to find this (for $3.50!) and I was immediately inspired to bring the two together for a grand pillow-making session. My only dilemma at this point is choosing a back side for them. So I call on you, fellow Sewer Sluts, to provide some insight. I'm inclined toward some sort of green retro-inspired fabric, because green seems to be the only common color. The blues and pinks are not quite the same. I could always do two different colored backings, but I would like to keep them uniform. Of course, there is always black velvet for the reverse side. Any thoughts on dingle balls for the edges?

One last question, does anybody know what this sort of technique would have been called? It looks like it definitely came from a kit. Here's a picture of the reverse. Perhaps this will help to identify it.

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Susan N. said...

These are bee yoo teeful! I want to see them in person to offer suggestions or hear about what you've decided.