Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mysterious Lace Baffles Woman, Pets

What does this look like to you?

Three small packages of lace? I'll give you that.

But what makes this lace unique? Do we have a never before seen woven pattern? Or perhaps this is a special silk lace used only in the most highly coveted couture fashions of the mid-20th century. Okay, well, I suppose we can scratch that as a possibility when calculating into the equation the traffic cone orange "Special Value" sticker... Well, let's hold on a minute. Maybe that Special Value sticker can help us figure out this whole thing. Who's in for a closer look at that sticker?

(Me! Me!)

Fiber content of undetermined origin? What does that mean? Where do you suppose this mysterious lace comes from? Should we be concerned? Should I, along with my pets, run to safety in my nuclear bunker? So many questions! Please help, Sewer Sluts, in revealing the enigmatic origins of this lace...

1 comment:

merrie eloise said...

Stop being silly, Rachel Eloise. Your grandmother was a bargain hunter. Just use the lace and quit wondering where it came from. It is from outer space.