Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sundress Undress

To answer your first question: No, there is no water in this watering can. It's a prop. Get used to it.

To answer your second question: This dress was made with Simplicity #3745 View B (minus dorky front bow).

I've had this dress cut out and sitting in pieces for about two weeks now and finally decided to spend a few hours putting it together. Both fabrics were found by my mother at yard sales in North Carolina. The floral one gives off a slight vintage aroma when ironed or wet, but it was just too funk-a-licious to remain folded up in my fabric stash.

I liked the way this dress looked in the pattern sketches, but not so much on the models. The modeled dresses seem to be made out of a stiff cotton, so I thought that a more lightweight fabric would work a little better with this pattern. I'm mildly pleased with the results. I think the dress looks great from the front, but from the side I look a bit preggers; it just balloons out over my stomach and butt.

I have mixed feelings on the bodice. I like that it is lined (the skirt is not), but I feel like it squishes my boobs just a tad (maybe I needed to go with the bigger size?). I tried it without a bra and it was Sag City, U.S.A. In addition, the placement of the straps is just a fraction off. I would have placed them right at the top points of the bodice, because they seem to buckle a bit in their current position.

Otherwise, this was really easy to sew. The pleats on the skirt look really good. It's comfortable and the length did not need any adjustments. It also looks cute with a little white shrug. And on the plus side, this piece doubles as maternity wear if I ever have a parasite in my womb.

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