Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pillow Fight!

I had a marathon pillow-making session tonight.  It was all a part of my New Year's Resolution to get old projects out of the way before I start any new projects.  I have had plain white pillows on my couches for months just waiting for pillowcases.  I don't know why I have been putting off this project, because they are just straight seams and some zippers, but procrastinate I did.  Now that they are finished, I can finally return Sewer Slut Susan N.'s Fun and Fabulous Pillows to Sew, which did not offer much in the form of inspiration, but the technical details were helpful.
I started with the butterfly pillow.  I found this velvet at a yard sale (where else??) two summers ago.  It looked like it had been taken off of a footstool or something, but there was enough unmolested fabric to make an 18" pillow.  I used a faux cream suede for the backing.  I used the same backing for the next pillow, which was paired with a piece of bark cloth (also a yard sale find).  I had enough of this fabric to make one more 18" pillow, but I messed up in my cutting, so I have to find a smaller pillowform.
Last June I posted about some matching velvet pieces I found at a local yard sale and at a vintage store in Minneapolis.  I decided to pair them with a really nice piece of green upholstery fabric from the remnant pile at Harts Fabric in Santa Cruz.
I still have two 18" pillowforms left, so there's still work to be done, but I think that is enough for one night.


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Rachel Eloise said...

Thank you! I think I measured incorrectly...these last two pillows are maybe 16" ones, so I think I can get another bark cloth pillow out.

Anonymous said...

That's my girl, she's a genius

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