Saturday, August 7, 2010

I Shutter to Think...

I am a chronic procrastinator.  I know things need to get done and I'll sit there and look at them for days, months and sometimes years, before I actually get around to doing what needs to be done.  Case in point:  my bathroom shutters.
They didn't have this large gaping hole when we moved into this place in January of 2009, but there was the tiniest of holes in the shutter curtain all the way to the left.  And then one day there was this larger hole and then a bigger hole in the next shutter over.   Hmmmmm...any idea what could cause this?

There's the culprit.  Mr. Parker, in his constant quest to escape from the best life a cat could ever have, had clawed his way through the hole.  Okay, so these curtains were pretty rotten to begin with and it did not take much to tear them.  In addition, the bathroom has no ventilation, so there were speckles of mold and one of the previous occupants had not removed the fabric at the last shutter painting party, so there were also  paint outlines on the edges.  They needed to be replaced.

But instead of fixing the problem, I would just dash into the shower and hope that no Peeping Toms were lurking outside to view my bits and pieces.  These curtains were still in tatters months after a friend came by and remarked that she was surprised that I had not fixed them given my inclinations toward craftiness.  But last night I ended the cycle and made some replacements.  I don't know why I waited so long, because the whole process took less than two hours.
I love them!  I used Swiss Dot Fabric from a yard sale (my usual place to buy fabric!).  And the next morning I woke up to this gorgeous glow in the bathroom.  It made me happy.


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Rachel Eloise said...

Apparently it's called "dotted swiss" not "swiss dot." Thanks, Mom, for the clarification!

Melonie said...

Love is my favorite color:)