Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh Buttons!

A few weekends ago I stopped by the Sunday Antique Street Faire and picked up some buttons from one of the vendors.
Ocean Pearl by Schwanda
Also by Schwanda...Made in Germany.
More Schwanda buttons...Made in Western Germany.
Just some shiny blue ones.
And then there are the buttons I already have in my stash.  These all came from my mom's collection, which she generously donated to mine.
Le Chic hand painted glass buttons.  The card says that they were made in "Germany-U.S. Zone"
Also hand painted, glass Le Chic buttons and these were made in Western Germany.
La Mode buttons.  Australia is written on the back of the card.
I think I need to make a dirndl just to embellish it with these little handpainted buttons.


Gail said...

Playing with my grandmother's button collection first sparked my interest in sewing. I wonder what became of those buttons. She stopped sewing in the 70s and died in 81, so no chance of retrieving them.

Lizzy said...

OHH I love the buttons!